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We share our clients’ objectives of credibility and transparency in testing activities. Every aspect of our work focuses on a rigorous financial reporting. Each of our professionals is committed to examination of your financial statements: What risks can affect delivering reliable, independent audit reports.

Financial statement captions? What audit procedures address these risks? Where is the greatest risk for misstatement? How fulfilling this commitment to maintain high audit quality requires effective are internal controls at mitigating these risks?

We ensure vigilance in making sure our audit complies with changing transactions and balances calculated and recorded correctly? We are an early adopter of many of audit methodology uses a multidisciplinary approach with the rules developed to rebuild confidence in financial reporting.

Our Audit method is our effective audit knowledge, skills, and experience to perform the engagement. Ours facilitates and enhances audit quality. It meets  our ability to deliver a quality audit depends on our team’s strong skills

Our goal of delivering quality, independent, rigorous audits, understanding of the business processes, accounting policies, internal controls, and financial reporting issues.

The audit methodology also emphasizes the critical nature of methodology, processes, and documentation. We reinforce global substantive procedures and effective risk assessment and control consistency through training, oversight, and technology.






We provide timely and accurate accounting information for the use of our clients. We prepare accounts (financial, management), financial projections, reporting accounts, annual reports and accounts. Furthermore, we design/review accounting systems, assist in computerization of accounting systems, develop accounting procedure manuals, internal audit planning, and financial planning


Our tax services covers PAYE, Company Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Property Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Petroleum Profit Tax, Back Duty, Review & Computation of Tax, procurement of acceptance certificate for eligible assets, Tax Planning, Routine Tax Compliance and Appeals. Similarly, we provide tax advice to our clients, in addition to giving guidance in respect of tax laws.

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